Distributed Database System Cluster Technology enables secure real-time data exchange. Spectrum DDS utilises protocols and techniques found in large, high performance, continuous operation data systems. The underlying structure brings new levels of computing performance and reliability to the veterinary profession.

At the core of the system is a series of nodes, or data re-distribution points, created throughout your practice. These nodes work together as an integrated system but retain complete autonomy. This means your databases remain live, but in the case of poor internet connection, hardware failure, branch power outage or other catastrophe, each node will continue to function normally. Data transactions will resume when the line is restored. Spectrum DDS makes internet connection and reliability issues a thing of the past as it does not need to rely on cloud computing, central databases or data replication systems.

DDS enables your entire practice database to run from each and every node on the system. Each node operates independently and updates the database in real time. If a single node goes offline, all systems continue running and data is updated when the node comes back online. This creates the perfect system for running reliable multi-site practices and mobile solutions.


In a traditional cloud based or server based system, when one aspect of the system malfunctions (internet access, server failure, fire damage) the entire network grinds to a halt. Worse still, data loss can cause massive disruption to your business. DDS overcomes this, by using cluster technology that means when one node fails, the others continue running. This prevents downtime and unnecessary support costs. With DDS, all databases are maintained locally at each node and are updated in real time, preventing any data loss in the event of disaster.

Enhanced Speed

DDS optimises data transfer between nodes, meaning large amounts of data can be sent promptly to branch surgeries and mobile locations. The database structure also ensures server load is reduced, giving lightening quick speeds for live updates. With DDS, branch surgeries can run at network speeds of over 1GB per second and are not reliant on good internet connectivity.

Reduced Management Load

Management workload is significantly reduced with the latest DDS cluster technology, as large system changes (e.g. stock group pricing) can be done from one site with a single login. Changes are then instantly updated throughout all branches/nodes.


DDS provides a scalable platform for Device-to-Device (D2D) communication, meaning that plug-and-play functionality is available for your expanding business. Adding a node to the system is quick, meaning the cost and complexity of opening branch surgeries is greatly reduced.


Having client, clinical and prescription data on hand during out of hours or mobile situations is essential to the modern practice. With Spectrum DDS, a single laptop can act as a node. This allows mobile workstations to operate independently, from any location, and ensures that up-to-date data is instantly available.

Hardware Interoperability

Spectrum’s new DDS architecture allows for easy communication regardless of the platform. Windows, Mac OS and Linux are all supported on multiple devices. For optimal security, speed and practice operation, VetStations are recommended. Mobile devices, printers and thin client terminals are all supported.