Effective management of practice workflows can be difficult to get right. Spectrum’s Workflow Manager module simplifies the process, allowing you to schedule laboratory tests, regular maintenance, hospital appointments, outpatient visits, equipment usage, meetings and regular consultations, with ease.

Dynamic workflows are generated based on task schedules, distributing work in a logical structure for optimised resource management. Resources are flexibly managed for maximum efficiency, with tasks allocated through a simple drag-and-drop system. Task libraries can be built with tasks scheduled according to your time frames. Tasks can then be posted to whiteboards, ready to be assigned, viewed and completed. Multiple whiteboards display tasks categorised by employee group, clinic, department or equipment type, helping staff to identify the schedule relevant to them. Employees can self-assign or designate responsibilities according to their privilege status, as well as the access level of the task.


Tasks can be placed into folders and arranged in a hierarchy, with facilities to group sequential tasks together in a ‘macro’. Tasks within a macro can be given offset timings, allowing procedures with multiple stages to be scheduled clearly, with time offsets for sub-procedures. This feature is ideal for multiple stage lab tests. Each task has a number of options, including patient requirements, essential resources, task duration, and access level settings. When a task is added to the daily schedule, the invoicing prompt feature provides the option to link the user directly to invoicing.


Resources can be assigned to tasks, allowing you to identify under-resourced and over-resourced areas. Task conflicts and overuse of laboratory machinery, practice areas and imaging equipment can be avoided. A period of availability can be set for each resource, allowing for routine maintenance or specialist clinic hours.


Regular scheduled tasks are created effortlessly through a graphical view and filtering/grouping options. Tasks that have been assigned to a specific user or tasks that are available for action, appear in a personal ‘to do’ list, for the logged in user. Task status updates can be entered at any stage of the process, along with notes. Callbacks can be added to notify relevant staff, when a task is complete.


Whiteboards provide an interactive display of practice activity. Each can be uniquely configured through a variety of parameters, allowing you to create custom schedule arrangements for your practice. For example, lab procedures may be listed by priority or equipment type, surgical procedures arranged by surgeon, and routine maintenance activities scheduled by location. Tasks can be altered through a simple drag-and-drop system, changing the assignee, time, location, equipment and so on. Workflow Manager supports an unlimited number of whiteboards, allowing your employees to focus on the activities relevant to them.