Protecting your practice IT network is of paramount importance to AT Veterinary Systems.

Infected computers reduce productivity and can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. Network security starts with your access to the internet, so every system comes loaded with a variety of internet security features. Managing access to the internet is provided by Vision Sentinel Security, where a multifaceted system protects you and your client’s data from external threats.

  • A dynamic firewall provides the first layer of defence, and is maintained and updated remotely by the AT security team. Protection is supplied to all linked branch surgeries.
  • The Vision Sentinel Security system provides a holding area between the Internet and your Local Area Network (LAN), ensuring you control the gateway between the two systems.
  • We monitor your system's health remotely and will alert you of any direct security threats.
  • All systems come pre-loaded with the latest robust antivirus software.
  • We perform vulnerability checks on your system, guaranteeing the highest level of defence.
  • Internet access can be halted at the click of a button from the administrator login.