Rota Manager provides an effective, easy-to-use solution for producing and managing staff rotas. The benefits to your business and your staff are endless, ensuring a motivated team and return on investment.

Reduces Production Time of Staff Rotas

Rota Manager reduces the production time of rotas by several hours per month, thereby reducing the demands on staff time.

Increases Rota Accuracy and Prevents Time Clashes

Rota Manager automatically identifies clashes and flags them for the user. Rota Manager also allows you to factor in issues such as UK and EU requirements and legislation.

Boosts Staff Morale with Fairer and More Flexible Rotas

Motivate staff by accommodating flexible working and incorporating staff preferences. Eliminate the production of 'unfair' rotas – a common cause of friction in the workplace – and, in turn, increase staff retention and save on recruitment costs.

Return on Investment

Rota Manager ensures that your business is not over or understaffed and that skilled and management staff are present throughout the week. Staffing costs represent a significant proportion of a company's overall costs, therefore efficient deployment of staff is a great benefit to the business and its profitability.

Improves Access to Staff Information

Rota Manager gives HR and managers instant access to days off, holidays booked, shifts worked and contracted hours.

Reduces Printing Costs and Paper Consumption

Networked systems allow users to view rotas from any desktop, reducing the need for printed copies. Rotas can also be exported and emailed or published on a staff intranet.

Ongoing Service Support

With Rota Manager, you will be supported at every stage of installation. Our team of account managers will provide comprehensive on-site training, our in-house engineers will provide a full hardware installation and our customer services team are available to provide ongoing support 24/7.