Daybook is a management tool for staff on patient visits. It is ideal for Mobile VetStations, with DDS Cluster Technology ensuring all data is live. Daybook seamlessly integrates with client records, clinical notes, attendance check and VIPER for clinical excellence and improved business efficiency.


Staff members out on rounds have complete access to client and animal records, as well as clinical notes.

Stabling addresses and customised route directions can be added and stored in client records, with the option to add an unlimited number of patients. It is also possible to set up locations within a large facility.

Daybook allows client and stabling addresses to be viewed whilst on the road. Upcoming visits can be viewed alongside a list of horses kept at specific stabling locations.

Group bookings based on client, location or stabling address allow visits to be structured in the most time and cost effective manner. Rounds can be easily managed, printed and emailed to the necessary people, to ensure patient visits are as efficient and profitable as practice appointments.

Daybook offers a variety of features that guarantee flexible remote management:

  • Booking amendment
  • Cancellation
  • Un-cancellation
  • Show/hide cancellations
  • Carry forward bookings
  • Moved bookings/group bookings
  • Remove booking from a group
  • Change animals on bookings
  • Print/email single or group bookings
  • Credit check status indicator
  • Filtering for status, patient category, surgeon and location
  • Assign multiple staff to bookings

Daybook can be edited from multiple terminals and offers automated updating features and a user-friendly toolbar.

For visual mapping of presenting signs, multiple Equine Diagrams can be edited, annotated and saved to the patient record.

Surgeon Allocation

Daybook facilitates meticulous schedule planning for veterinary surgeons. Patient visits can be booked for specific periods of the day - early AM, AM, PM, evening, OOH - and exact hours can be reserved on a daily or weekly basis. Public holidays can be accounted for and retired staff included, where necessary.

Daybook offers location and geographical settings, to make sure appointments are always allocated to the correct surgeon.

Passing visits allow for non-urgent requests to be added to the schedule. They remain unscheduled until converted into a booking, where they can then be allocated to a round.

The time of day feature allows bookings to be grouped into pre-defined periods of the day.

Daybook overview displays all daily patient visits in a clear, concise format, with 24-hour access for surgeons. It highlights double bookings and allows rapid amends to be made.

Booking details and surgeon unavailability information can be seen in overview, via a quick glance feature, while bookings allocated to specific patient categories, for example large animal surgeons, are also viewable.

For simple surgeon allocation, Round Editor allows bookings to be dragged-and-dropped into visiting rounds.

Rounds, visiting lists and daily overviews can be filtered easily by category, vet or location, as well as printed or emailed.

Branch surgeries can use separate Daybooks that can all be accessed and amended from any networked computer or Mobile VetStation. They can also be configured to share the same daybook for pooling resources.

Custom notice times can be set to remind the client, ahead of time, that the surgeon will be arriving for their appointment.

The Attendance Check feature is integrated into Daybook, to ensure financial losses are minimised from missed visits.