Insurance Claim Manager (ICM) simplifies the creation, distribution and tracking of insurance claims.

ICM reduces claim-processing time by 50%, providing a time and cost effective solution for veterinary practices.

The items within the insurance claim are easy to select through a client’s financial history. Once the claim is complete, it can be submitted directly to the relevant insurer. Only transactions specific to the claim need to be sent.

Rapid processing leads to faster payments and improved cash flow.

Claims can be submitted electronically via email or VetEnvoy, or forms can be printed and sent by post. Claims can be searched and tracked through a variety of references, including the owner, animal, insurance company, condition, or status. Claims can be tracked throughout the process, right up to the final payment.

Insurance claim invoices can be printed, while detailed reports can be generated for the insurance company, surgery, surgeon, client, species and status.

Continuation claims can be handled efficiently, with multiple claims for the same animal processed quickly.