Spectrum report provides a comprehensive reporting tool for all practice data.

The feature can be used to analyse financial, stock, appointment, client, employee information and more. For live reporting, please see Ultralink. A user-friendly wizard helps to generate reports that offer insight into the underlying performance of your practice. Each report has groups of customisable parameters and data settings, offering over a thousand producible reports.

Favourite reports can be saved for re-generation using the same criteria. Reports can be previewed on-screen, printed or saved in a number of different formats. The pre-loaded templates offer a multitude of standard reports, with thousands of potential outcomes. A specialist report writing service is supplied however, where AT Veterinary Systems will create any additional Practice Reports required.

Key Facts:
  • A report backup facility safeguards crucial data.
  • Reports can be output to Microsoft Access, Excel, Word or to web databases.
  • Unlimited number of reports are available.
  • Indicator feature lets you know how up-to-date your information is, before you generate reports.
  • Favourite and recent reports can be saved, for quick re-use.
  • Spectrum’s Report Viewer allows a rapid, on-screen search of all generated reports.