The Client and Animal Records module is a core feature of the Spectrum software. In addition to its advanced search and recording facility, the module’s strength comes from its seamless integration with other functionalities, including:

  • Electronic Communications Manager (ECM) – For invoice-driven, customised reminders and messaging.
  • Workflow Manager – For complete workflow and whiteboard management throughout large facilities.
  • Laboratory Manager – Linking and viewing lab reports in the correct patient record.
  • IRIS – Automatically attach and view imaging on patient records.
  • Financial – Configurable settings and direct links to Invoicing and Payments.
  • External Communications – Direct contact with clients from their records.
  • VIPER – Link any record item (invoices, treatments, appointments, imaging, lab reports, etc.) to your clinical coding system.

In addition to standard management applications (inpatient appointments, rounds editor, clinical notes, etc.), Spectrum offers unique functionalities within Client and Animal Records, including:

  • Dental, ophthalmology, skin and equine diagrams – To edit, annotate and print/send
  • Attachments – For any file type, with pre-filled templates for Microsoft Word and Open Office documents.
  • Dietary management – Recording weight on graphs with dietary suggestions and target weight settings for weight management programmes
  • Change status – For quick alteration of key client information
  • Reminders, tags and warnings – Multiple ways to keep staff informed, improve client relations and increase revenue per client
  • Wireless Camera functionality – Upload pictures wirelessly to the patient record. A great tool for before and after comparison.

An efficient search tool is fundamental to provide high service quality. Spectrum’s client selection screen gives numerous ways to filter and search your customer base. Search fields include email, breed, loyalty card number, and microchip ID, as well as all traditional search fields. An automatic pop up window will appear for a new client registration, if no records can be found. The Soundex search field allows clients to be searched, based on the phonetic sound of their surname. This is a valuable tool in a loud environment.

Registering new clients is straightforward through a postcode address finder that allows quick, verified registration. Key area and mileage information can be input when creating a new client record, adding geographical precision to your client base. Client notes and records have an unlimited capacity, removing the need for archiving. Hidden comments can be added to records, allowing sensitive information to be viewed discreetly. Multiple phone numbers and email addresses can be stored on each client record to ensure swift contact when necessary. Each telephone number can be authorised for SMS messaging, allowing staff to message clients directly from client records. SMS messages can be saved to a client’s notes once sent.

The ECM module maintains customer engagement through automated messaging from Spectrum to your clients. Invoices, appointment reminders, personalised messages, marketing campaigns and more can be generated and sent as an SMS or email. Find out more about ECM.

For the right client communication, contact preferences can be tailored for different message types. These might include attendance checks, reminders and marketing information.

Additional marketing and client data can be captured in a “Where did you hear about us?” box, providing the opportunity to create client links and recognise referring customers. Linking and grouping clients is beneficial for both you and your client base, as it allows you to refine and target promotional activities at the right people.

Key area and mileage information can be input when creating a new client, giving geographical understanding of your client base.

Accounting groups can be created and discount options set for groups of clients. Accounting groups can be hidden from view where necessary.