Customers who take full advantage of our services see greater financial returns, improved customer care and an increase in business efficiency. To ensure our clients unlock the full potential of AT’s software solutions, we provide a range of training services.

Induction Training

Before data conversion, our AT consultants will deliver separate in-house training sessions for practice managers, veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and reception staff. These unique training sessions are aligned with the various privilege/access levels within your system. Our consultants will also give software tutorials and offer advice on optimum business processes, drawing on AT’s significant industry experience. After data conversion and switching, our team will remain on-site to assist with any teething problems relating to your improved IT solution and provide additional training as required.

Refresher and Advanced Training

With staff changes, good business practices and technology implementation standards can fall. As such, we provide refresher courses which recap the full features and reasoning behind our product implementation. These consultations have an instant impact on business and are welcomed by staff.

New Product Implementation

AT Veterinary Systems only provides software solutions that offer a high ROI for your practice. However, as your business grows we may advise additional products or services. Our consultants will come to your practice to provide in-depth training on any new software features that you decide to implement. This time can also be used for refresher training on your existing software solution.

Online Resources

A comprehensive list of documentation is available for our customers.