With a choice of DDS technology, two cloud-based systems or a traditional server based setup, Spectrum gives you the most extensive IT infrastructure choice in the industry and can be tailored to your requirements.

All setups come with simple installation, full backup security and AT’s 24-hour customer support. Guaranteed integration with existing lab and imaging equipment is provided, with quick and easy data transfer during the installation process. Induction training is provided by the AT Support Team, with refresher and advanced training available on demand.

Distributed Database System

AT Veterinary Systems has capitalised on the vast reduction in cost of server capable hardware, bringing you the most reliable practice management system with DDS cluster technology. Spectrum DDS creates a number of autonomous computing nodes (or data re-distribution points) throughout your practice. Nodes operate seamlessly together whilst maintaining complete independent capabilities. In the event of hardware failure, poor internet connection or catastrophe, each node ensures continuity of service and guarantees multiple backup locations. Spectrum also offers the creation of a node in one of our secure data centres, ensuring data protection. DDS architecture is the future of large, high performance, continuous operation data systems. With no reliance on an internet connection and negligible hardware costs, the DDS configuration delivers the highest level of security, resilience and power.

Personal Cloud

Cloud-based systems boast simplicity, scalability and cost effectiveness. Spectrum can be installed as a personal cloud system, where the cloud is maintained within your practice and branches. Workstations plug-in with ease, allowing branches to be connected quickly while servers maintain data in the cloud. This configuration boasts simple set up, high availability and security.

Managed Cloud

Cloud systems rely completely on the internet connection they run through. However, Spectrum’s Managed Cloud solution differs from many of our competitors in that we are the hosting provider. ‘The Cloud’ is maintained in one of AT Veterinary Systems’ secure data centres. We don’t rely on third party hosting services and therefore guarantee data security. This system is cost effective, easy to set up, and is more secure than public cloud services.


Traditional server-based setups are available from AT Veterinary Systems.