Rota Manager has been designed to ensure the smooth running and increased profitability of your business. Our features allow you to design, manage and coordinate accurate staff rotas quickly and efficiently.

Design your Rota

Axis Date

Specify a start date for each rota. For example, Monday or Sunday.

Valid Dates

Set the period of time during which a rota is valid.

Password Authentication

Protect access to 'Administration Mode' and 'Edit Mode'

Add your Staff

Employee Contracted Time

Record employee contracted hours; this is particularly successful for part-time staff. Exceeded contracted hours are flagged with a warning.

Fairness Checker

Instantly access employee statistics, time sheets and periods of leave to quickly and easily assess whether a member of staff is doing an unfair share of unpopular shifts, duties or bank holidays.

Employee Requests

Quickly and easily check whether a holiday request can be granted and/or accommodate an employee's work preferences.

Rota Manager flags when staff have exceeded their allocated allowances

Rota Manger automatically identifies which staff are available for a selected shift and gives reasons for those who are not.

Manage Working Patterns

Highlight Gaps

Identify areas and time periods where staff have not been allocated.

Time Clashes

Avoid clashes in time, shifts and locations. For example, Rota Manager will provide a warning if a member of staff has been allocated to work in two locations at one time.

Rota Statistics and Reports

View how many hours employees are active and non-active.

View Rotas

Duplicate Rotas

Copy and paste details or an entire rota, saving time on replication.


Apply filters to view staff in different departments.

Audit Trail

View a chronological list of changes made to a rota with a record of who made them.